6 reasons why you should marry an Engineer

May 18, 2016

Girls often worry about with whom they should marry. You often think about who would be your ideal life partner. There’s a lot of debate on whether girls like Engineers or Doctors as the groom most. Here are the six reasons why you should marry an engineer.

[Note: This is just for fun]

1. You will always win over an argument with an engineer. They are very good at not listening to lectures at the class rooms.

2. Engineers are used to with compromises. There’s a class test tomorrow! Ok, quiz! Big lab report! No problem. So if you want to hang out with them after the day’s tiredness, they will not say no.

3. They will never complain about the food, they are habituated to eat unhealthy foods.

4. They are very good at calculations. They calculated hard and get 60% of attendance. They calculate how many marks they need to pass etc. So whatever the income it will not be a problem, they will manage.

5. They are deprived of love. So if you love them even the least, they will be very grateful to you.

6. Above all, they are very tolerant. They will tolerate everything, even you.

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